The Cambridge ESOL DELTA consists of three modules.

  • Module One focuses on the background to teaching and learning.
  • Module Two focuses on developing professional practice.
  • Module Three focuses on assessment and course planning in the context of a specialist option (e.g. YL, ESOL, ESP, 1-1).

Candidates may choose to enter a single module or any combination of modules. Each module is separately certificated : this allows candidates to receive credit for each module successfully completed.

DELTA Module One (Understanding language, methodology and resources for teaching)

The purpose of Module One is to:

  • develop candidates’ knowledge of historical and current theories of first and second language acquisition
  • increase candidates’ critical awareness of approaches and methodologies and the way they are used in a range of English language teaching contexts
  • extend candidates’ knowledge of language systems and skills and the ways in which they are used
  • increase candidates’ knowledge of learners’ problems in developing language and skills proficiency
  • enable candidates to critically evaluate teaching and reference materials and resources in a range of English language teaching contexts
  • increase candidates’ knowledge of the role and methods of assessmen

DELTA Module Two (Developing Professional Practice)

The purpose of Module Two is to:

  • develop candidates’ awareness of the ways that different circumstances affect the learning and teaching of English, and factors affecting the individual’s ability to learn
  • develop understanding of the different roles of teachers and the principles underpinning them in the context of English language teaching
  • develop the skills to plan lessons for different learning abilities
  • develop the knowledge and skills to support learners in a range of contexts
  • develop candidates’ understanding of teaching DELTA Module Two (Developing Professional Practice)
  • develop candidates’ beliefs about teaching and help them to evaluate their own performance and to improve as a teacher
  • broaden candidates’ understanding of teaching as a professional practice
  • develop expertise in spoken and written communication within their professional roles.

DELTA in Business English (DELTA Module Three)

Become a Business English specialised teacher by taking part in our DELTA in Business English. The course offered by Flying Teachers will enable you to:

  • develop your knowledge in relation to Business English
  • develop your knowledge of the principles of curriculum design and assessment
  • provide you with practical ideas which you will be able to use with your Business English learners
  • help you develop your learners’ communicative competence in Business English speaking and writing skills

DELTA in the Teaching of Young Learners (DELTA Module Three)

The Flying Teachers® DELTA Module Three preparation course focusing on YL teaching will enable you to:

  • understand the theories and principles underlying effective YL teaching and how children learn
  • identify the children’s needs and level
  • design a course taking the learners’ needs into consideration
  • select course material and teaching resources
  • understand assessment and testing in the teaching of YL