Guiding principles and history

Our guiding principles

  • We are a privately-owned service provider with an emphasis on language course provision, teacher training, tutoring of youngsters and business solutions.
  • We are profit-oriented with a duty towards a fair basic charge compared to our competitors.
  • We are duty-bound to providing constantly high levels of service quality. This includes providing professional advice as well as a clear price structure.
  • We respect the uniqueness of each and every client. We thus provide offers that place the specific needs of the client in the centre.

Our history

An unexceptional situation led to our company’s founding. The former major Swiss bank Schweizerischer Bankverein invested a great deal in internal education, including language training. However, in 1996 the language department was dissolved. A handful of teachers suggested they take over the defunct language department. Thus, a small group around Edit Adrover (today’s owner) founded a new company, Flying Teachers.

The first years were tough but useful. The tools of marketing had to be learned very quickly. We also learned how to produce our own high-quality learning materials at a justifiable cost, and scouted around for course localities that were financially viable for the young company. We were also quick to learn how to approach potential major corporate clients and convince them of our products’ quality. And we naturally had to search for the best teachers in the field and win them over for our highly mobile product: going to clients when and where they want.

We soon defined the following principles which form the basis of our work through to this day:

  • Quality: We deliver top quality at market rates.
  • Individuality: All language courses are oriented towards the requirements of each participant.
  • Flexibility: Language training is held where our clients wish and when it suits them.
  • Speciality: We develop language courses for individuals in their professional field, be it real estate, nursing, hotel and catering, medicine, banking and others.
  • Modernity: We use all modern communication aids in language teaching (online learning, virtual classrooms, Skype etc.).

Official recognition by examination bodies recognised throughout the world has always been a matter of critical importance for us. As we repeatedly meet the strict standards set by these bodies, we have become a licensed partner of many famous organisations (see → Our references). This is to the benefit of our clients, who can take their examinations with us.