Keeping with the flow

Edit Adrover, Managing Owner Flying Teachers GmbH

We created Flying Teachers 20 years ago - with the vision of tailoring foreign language teaching entirely to our clients' needs, while at the same time being an attractive and socially responsible employer. To this day, the needs of our clients set the framework for our teaching: in terms of location, time and subject matter. With our complete "free-flight" flexibility, we created and embraced new standards when we realized the Flying Teacher brand. I deliberately write "we" because I was not alone; we always were a team.
From the very beginning it was just as important to us to meet the needs of our employees. We wanted to be a company that offered gainful emplayment to men and women alike. It was, and is, a matter of certainty that people can work part-time with us and balance their working hours with family time. It is also a matter of certainty that men and women receive fair wages and equal pay for equal work. We have developed our vision of foreign language teaching together with our employees with great thanks to their experience and knowledge over all these years. Of course, things do not always run smoothly. Coordination is sometimes a challenge and we are not perfect. But these are no reasons for us to deviate from our convictions.
Time and time again, we see that many people are committed to gender equality and social responsability on paper, however our efforts in this area are only partially honored at the decisive moments. In other words, when it comes to money, the cheaper price is the stronger argument.
That is sometimes frustrating. But it's clear to me that complaining does not help. And we do not want to backtrack. We remain committed to good working conditions, a vibrant community and satisfied, challenged, and strongly supported employees. Even if our convicions have their price and sometimes cost us orders. We do it not only because we are convinced that it is the right thing to do, but also because it is much more fun to run a company with positive impact.

I'm completely convinced that it is worthwhile - for young female entrepreneurs as well as for seasoned managers - to cultivate visions and thus keep your own enthusiasm alive. We'll definitely keep up with the flow.