CCIP French

The diplomas offered by the Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie de Paris are proof of French knowledge in a specific professional field and are recognised throughout the world. The CCIP has been developing French exams for more than 40 years for candidates active in the job market. Flying Teachers is a licensed CCIP examination centre.

Here at Flying Teachers you may sit the following Diplômes de Français Professionel (DFP) exams:

  • DFP A2
  • DFP B1
  • DFP Affaires B2
  • DFP Affaires C1
  • DFP Affaires C2
  • DFP Tourisme et hôtellerie B1
  • DFP Scientifique et technique B1
  • DFP Secrétariat B1
  • DFP Secrétariat B2
  • DFP Juridique B2
  • DFP Médical B2
  • TEF Test d’Evaluation de Français

We offer preparatory courses for the following exams:

  • DFP A2/B1
  • DFP B2/C1

Attendance of a preparatory course requires the candidate to be of the exam’s linguistic level.

More information on the CCIP exams can be found in our Brochure CCIP Examinations