Further examinations

Flying Teachers can help you prepare for the following certificates . Examinations can also be taken in-house unless otherwise stated.

TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)

Language test required for foreign students wishing to undertake tertiary education in the United States.

LST (Language Skills Test for Hotel, Catering and Tourism)

Language test for people with careers in the hotel and tourism industry.


Language assessment and training at the workplace.

IELTS* (International English Language Testing System)

Language test accepted throughout the whole of the English-speaking world.


International Legal English Certificate

ICFE* (Cambridge International Certificate in Financial English)

Language test for experts in the financial industry, with recognition by countless financial and auditing institutions.

SAT* (Scholastic Assessment Test)

Is required for admission to American universities. We prepare students for both mathematical and linguistic parts, SAT I, along with the specific profession part SAT II.

GMAT* (General Management Admission Test)

Is required by students intending to study an MBA or similar . The course offers preparation for both linguistic and mathematical parts.

GRE* (Graduate Record Examination General Test)

Is required for admission to Master programmes in the United States. Preparation for all examination parts is offered by us at Flying Teachers.

* For these examinations, Flying Teachers only offers the preparatory courses, not the examinations.