TELC, «The European Language Certificates», is one of the leading providers of standardised language tests and examinations in Europe.
The organisation has developed more than 80 examinations in 10 languages, and has the exams carried out by licensed partners. In Europe, TELC has contributed substantially to the further development and comparability of exams in different languages.

The TELC European Language Certificates are language tests in line with the EU’s CEFR (Common European Framework Reference for Language Examinations). Varying skills are tested through the full range of levels (A1-C2). The certificates are well-known in Europe and recognised worldwide.
We regularly hold the following TELC examinations:

  • Start Deutsch 1 – A1
  • Start Deutsch 2 – A2
  • Zertifikat Deutsch – B1
  • Deutsch B1 + (profession)
  • Deutsch B1 (school)
  • Deutsch B2
  • Deutsch B2 + (profession)
  • Deutsch (nursing) B1–B2
  • Deutsch (medicine) B2–C1
  • Deutsch B2 (medicine admission exam)
  • Deutsch C1
  • Deutsch C1 + (profession)
  • Deutsch C2

For the following TELC examinations we offer special preparatory courses:

  • Start Deutsch 2 – A2
  • Zertifikat Deutsch B1
  • Zertifikat Deutsch B1–B2 (nursing)
  • Zertifikat Deutsch B2
  • Zertifikat Deutsch C1
  • Zertifikat Deutsch B2–C1 (medicine)

TELC examinations with 4 or more candidates are offered by us at Flying Teachers in the following languages:

  • Italian
  • French
  • Spanish
  • English

If you require further information, just download our TELC brochure with detailed information on the courses and examinations we offer.