When teaching people who have migrated from other countries, issues of learning difficulty are often confronted. This places particular demands on teachers. In our course, you can obtain the skills needed to handle issues likely to be found in teaching in the migration area.

The concept «fide | German in Switzerland – learn, teach, assess» offers a conceptional framework to second-language teaching in Switzerland that teachers can use as a guide in their courses. Detailed information is to be found here:

Flying Teachers enjoys Swiss federal government accreditation and offers the following two fide modules.

fide «Scenario Based Teaching»

In this module you will learn and become familiar with specific characteristics of fide as these are put into practice in the teaching.
Content: 3 course days with a total of 19.5 hours, 6–16 participants.

fide «Migration and Interculturalism»

In this module, you will have the opportunity to reflect upon your own cultural imprint and examine the situation of migrants in Switzerland at different levels.
Content: 3 course days with a total of 18 hours, 6–16 participants.
-> In combination with the «SVEB/EUROLTA Certificate Course Leader with foreign language didactics» and the fide module «Scenario Based Teaching», this module leads towards the fide certificate «Language Course Leader in Integration Sphere».

At our info days we will be happy to present you the possibilities open to you, and will be on hand to answer any and all questions you may have.