People wishing to teach adults in Switzerland are well advised to have the SVEB qualification as course leader. It is recognised throughout Switzerland and is regarded as the starting point for teachers wanting to teach adults (SVEB = Swiss Association for Further Education).

At Flying Teachers, you may obtain the SVEB certificate in various ways. If you wish to start teaching foreign languages, then we are the right place for you. At our school, you can obtain the certificate in language teaching format and put the course’s content into immediate practice in our model classes.

Flying Teachers is recognised by SVEB as an institution of further education. The SVEB certificate is presented to you after completing the course and performing at least 150 hours of practical teaching in two years.

SVEB Certificate Course Leader

The module «Performing Teaching with Adults» (AdA FA-M1) provides you with the general didactic knowledge required to teach adults in all possible areas.
Content: 15 full-day seminars with a total of 90 lessons of 60 minutes each.

SVEB/EUROLTA Certificate, Course Leader in Languages

This module builds on the above Performing Teaching with Adults (AdA FA-M1) places emphasis on didactics for foreign language teaching. The course is designed for course leaders teaching German as a foreign or second language, as well as English, French, Italian and Spanish as foreign languages. The material learned can be put directly into practice in a practice class.
Content: 18 full-day seminars with a total of 113 lessons of 60 minutes each (+ 2 free additional days for teaching German grammar to speakers of foreign languages).

SVEB Certificate Course Leader for Languages in Integration Area

This further education programme provides you with the specific didactic knowledge required to teach German as a foreign or second language (integration area). Along with the SVEB module «Performing Teaching with Adults» (AdA FA-M1), you will attend the fide module «Migration and Interculturalism» (Migration, Integration and Interculturalism in the context of adult education).
Content: 21 days with a total of 131 lessons à 60 mins.

Foreign language didactics for teachers with SVEB certification

You have obtained SVEB Course Leader certification and now wish to work as a foreign language teacher. In 8 course days, our foreign language didactics module will prepare you for the challenges ahead.

Fit for SVEB

This preparatory course and a practical internship in a German intensive course will prepare you fully for the challenges of the SVEB/EUROLTA course.
Length: 3 course days with a total of 18 lessons à 60 mins.

Further details on our courses and modules in the area of further education for teachers can be obtained on our info days in Zurich or Berne. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Form: Confirmation of Practical Training at Flying Teachers
Here you may download the SVEB form "Confirmation of Practical Training".