Why Flying Teachers?

The eight most important reasons to learn a foreign language with us:

We are always nearby.

Flying Teachers has more than 12 learning centres throughout Switzerland. And if that were not enough, we can also «fly» to you whenever and wherever you are. You will therefore be able to learn in your office, at home or en route to wherever you are going. We can also teach you effectively via Skype.

We have been passionate teachers for 20 years.

Developing, organising and carrying out language programmes has been our passion for a good 20 years. We have built up a huge database of teaching materials and exercises, and a pool of more than 740 top-qualified teachers – all waiting to bring you forward in your chosen language.

Our training concepts are tried and tested.

We teach in line with the Integrated Learning concept we have created: skills based and subject oriented. The material is taught with the use of real situations, enabling you to put the new language to use in real life the moment you leave the classroom.

We support you in your career aims.

Knowledge of foreign languages is in many economic fields simply a must. We not only offer examination courses, but you may also take your examination with us. Flying Teachers is proud to be an accredited examination centre for the most important language certificates. Further information can be found via Certificates.

We open doors to other cultures.

Learning a language is far more than just learning words and grammar. All our Flying Teachers are native speakers ready to guide you into their respective cultures, and bring you closer to their traditions, music and literature.

We show you how to learn a language efficiently.

Our teachers not only put across material in a structured and targeted manner. They also know how to learn. Every teacher is a goldmine of tips and tricks in learning language successfully, and is always on hand to assist you.

We offer top quality.

Flying Teachers has a comprehensive Quality Management team. Feedback from course participants is integrated into our course conception, and assists us in further improving our administrative processes.

We are a recognised institute for further education and examination centre.

Flying Teachers is a further education centre certified by Cambridge University for language teachers working towards CELTA and DELTA teaching qualifications. The Swiss Association of Further Education (SVEB) has granted us recognition as a training centre for experts teaching foreign languages. We are also a member of the International Language Network (ICC).