Other services

Flying Teachers offers companies considerably more than just language courses. If you should so require, we can relieve you of the entire process of course administration. We can also offer you other services at attractive rates.

Flying Teachers has 20 years’ experience to fall back upon in developing language tests. We develop general or specific placement tests, as well as tests tailored to specific client requirements, whether for current level or progress achieved, or for Skills Screening. Using written and online forms, we examine participants’ language skills and place them in line with the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) guidelines.

If required, Flying Teachers can take over the entire administration of corporate course programmes. Via our free client interface, you have full control at all times over course entries/exits, course performance, quality management as well as invoicing.

If required, we provide your staff with a free online portal tailored to their needs which can be used to register directly for courses. We naturally follow the processes and procedures as defined by you.

This training programme is designed for expats coming to work in Switzerland. In a fit and compact manner, it provides the main knowledge about our country that the newly-arrived executive will require.
The specific goals are defined via a questionnaire, allowing you to choose between geography, customs in day-to-day business life, differences in mentality through to legal basics, insurance and the Swiss educational system.
Does this awaken your interest? Then just get in contact with us!

Do you require a written document translated from or into German? Are you in need of an interpreter for a meeting, press conference or international event?
Many of our 740 language experts are appropriately qualified and experienced.
Languages: from German into English, French, Italian and Spanish and reverse. Other language combinations upon request.


  • Business and finance
  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Medicine and Science
  • Politics and Law
  • Humanities and Social Science
  • Art and Technology
  • Websites and Media
  • References