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1/4 (15 Min.)

1. James

to play football tomorrow.

2. When we got to school, we

the bell.

3. This is an old photograph of me when I


5. Jack is writing


6. Where

on Saturdays?


8. 'Do you like that shop?' Yes, I

every week.

9. I feel very well because I went to bed very early


10. My brother was


11. Tony is looking at



13. Whose flowers are they? They're


14. Ken`s behind Mary. Mary`s


15. What`s that girl?

16. This is


17. When

give her this book.



lovely food!

20. I'm going to give


21. How's the baby?

22. His daughter is



24. He had previously had a car but it

several times during the spring.

25. We

my cousin since last Christmas.

2/4 (15 Min.)

1. There are twelve of us, so

get into the car at the same time.

2. Her children tell her that

old to drive a car.

3. When there's a public rocket service to the moon, her father has promised

her there.


at the moment, I'll go to the shops.

5. In a shop


6. Your bicycle shouldn't be in the house!

7. He's a good guitarist, but he plays the piano


8. Molly doesn't eat fish.

9. She always buys

my birthday.

10. She hardly ever eats


11. I

to your letter of the 15th.

12. Your letter


13. If I

about it earlier I would have told you.

14. I'll ring you as soon as I


15. John Marshall is a friend of mine.You

him last year when you were in England.

16. He didn't thank me for the present. That's

annoyed me.

17. I'll have to buy


18. She looks


19. I've been looking for you


20. Send him to the baker's

the bread.

21. He didn't know

or go home.

22. If you

help you, you only have to ask.

23. I'm going to the theatre tonight. So


24. He wants to get a better

and earn more money.

25. I didn't hear what he was


3/4 (15 Min.)

1. I wish I

suggest something more suitable, but this is all we have.


for her birthday.

3. I

since breakfast and I'm very tired.

4. His telegram said, 'I

on the 7th.'

5. I don't think we've met before. You're confusing me with


6. 'Did you see the man on top of the church last Saturday?' No, why

7. He

in his homework.

8. Will you be able to come to the meeting?

9. He was a good runner so he

escape from the police.


a good thing they didn't catch you.

11. That's the course of studies


12. I would like

it again.

13. He came to the party

he hadn't been invited.

14. He didn't take the flat because he couldn't afford the


15. He stayed under water for two minutes and then swam to the


16. She was sitting

on the park bench.

17. We were in the station for at least half an hour, waiting

to leave.

18. How long does the train take to

to London?

19. Everyone in the factory has to be

by 8 o'clock.

20. We talked about a lot of things

the way to the office.

21. I

you before now but I've been too busy.

22. My boss never gives me clear instructions. But you

the same problems with your's, too.

23. Dinner will be ready

but we have time for a drink before then.

24. We have

for a new secretary but we haven't had any replies yet.

25. A hundred competitors had

the race.

4/4 (15 Min.)

1. I've

for the job and I hope I get it..

2. I never expected you to turn

at the meeting. I thought you were abroad.

3. As far as he's concerned, one piece of music is very much like


4. She was wearing

beautiful clothes that I envied her.

5. I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't


6. I crossed the room and

a light shone through the window.

7. I wish I

on the time the film started before we came out.

8. I'll ask the waiter for the bill when you

your coffee.

9. There was a suitcase

mine on the luggage rack.

10. He

out of the window for a moment and then went on working.

11. I'd like to take

of this opportunity to thank you all for your co-operation.

12. Our main concern is to raise the voters'

of living.

13. For heaven's

don't make a noise.

14. He reminds me

someone I knew in the army.

15. He was

that he called the doctor.

16. I daren't

to upset her.

17. We've

sugar. Ask Mrs Jones to lend us some.

18. I

you that the goods will be delivered next week.

19. The Second World War

in 1939.

20. We can never relax in this office. New problems are continually


21. This test

a number of multiple-choice questions.

22. Hot metal

as it grows cooler.

23. He thinks about nothing but playing golf. He's completely

to it.

24. He's always

the Government but he never votes in the elections.

25. I'm sorry to

you while you're working but I must ask you a question.