Detailed information on our Gymnasium courses in Zurich is to be found in our brochure «Gymi Preparation Flying Teachers® ZURICH»

Flying Teachers offers preparatory courses for the Gymnasium’s entrance exam for schoolkids in the 6th class, as well as 2nd and 3rd secondary school classes. At the end of the course, your son or daughter will be fully familiarised with the exam format and have gained self-confidence in dealing with the exam material.
Courses are available on Wednesdays, Saturdays, as well as intensive courses during holidays and crash courses.
Lessons in Mathematics, French and German.

«Fit for the Gymi» courses are designed for youngsters who have already passed their entrance examination and would like to ease their path into the new school curriculum. Duration: between spring and summer school holidays, Wednesday afternoons or Saturday mornings.

Support during the first few months at the Gymnasium can greatly benefit your child. It will provide the opportunity to clarify open questions, deal with subjects in more detail and practise learning strategies.
Lessons in Mathematics, German and French. Duration: summer to autumn school holidays on Saturday mornings.

Our holiday camps provide the opportunity to revise and deal more thoroughly with individual subjects. Duration: minimum one week, two lessons per subject daily.

Does your child still have gaps in knowledge or is support required in planning your child’s studies? In our Matura preparatory courses, key areas are revised and deepened, and valuable tips provided.
Duration: one week during the spring school holidays, two lessons per subject per day.

Do you require your written Matura work to be looked at and turned into an error-free document? Flying Teachers has experienced editors and proofreaders: just get in contact with us.

Individual tutoring

Youngsters attending the Gymnasium may attend either group courses or individual tutoring or exam preparation. Contact us and we will be delighted to show you what we can do for your child.