Primary level and secondary level I

The following courses are available for schoolkids at primary and secondary I levels. In our group courses, we teach in groups of no more than 8 children.

Primary and secondary schoolchildren learn material in our holiday courses that they have previously missed out on. This enables them to be able to keep up with schooling again.
Lessons as per requirement in Mathematics, French, German or English, or a combination thereof. Duration: minimum one week, several weeks may be booked. Two lessons per subject per day.

In our revision courses, schoolkids in the 6th, 7th or 8th classes repeat the most important content of the previous school year. This will enable them to start the new school year with renewed confidence. Lessons in German, French and Mathematics. Duration: 4 Saturday mornings at the start of the new school year.

Your child is moving to secondary school, and a new challenge is starting! Our courses running alongside normal schooling strengthen your child’s knowledge of the subject matter learned during the 6th primary school class, thus keeping your child motivated and making the move from primary to secondary schools as smooth as possible.
Lessons in Mathematics, French, German and English. Duration: between spring and summer holidays, on Saturday mornings.

Probationary support for the 1st secondary school class smooths the way up to the next level.
Lessons in Mathematics, German and French. Single or multiple subjects may be booked. Duration: summer to autumn school holidays on Saturday mornings.

The Multicheck result is an important criterion in selecting apprentices. The Multicheck preparation is available in numerous directions, including KV, health and social services, ICT, technical professions, commercial professions, beauty, retail, and others.

Is the Gymnasium an option for your child? With our support, your child will be in the best position to take on the challenge of the entrance examination. Along with dealing with the main subject matter in Mathematics, German and French, we will also provide your child with tried and tested learning strategies and many useful tips. Duration : 6 Saturdays from January onwards.

Individual tutoring

Would you like your child to be the beneficiary of tailored individual tutoring or assistance in exam preparation? In this case, just get in contact with us and we will advise you accordingly.